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Anaca Studio

Anaca Studio create inspiring furniture - built to endure. Believing that “less is more” and that an investment in well made, honest products can meet our needs in a beautiful way for the long-term. Adding to landfill is not their aim, not in business and not in life. Building finely crafted furniture that have integrity - that you're proud to own, use in your everyday life and pass on to the next generation.  What lies behind the brand is a passion for design principles, a belief that simplicity of forms and thoughtful details are essential to creating beautiful and lasting products.

Anaca Studio are Melbourne based and work closely with local manufacturers, ensuring good design practice is maintained through-out production - echoing their commitment to quality.

The Anaca Studio range will be up online soon! In the meantime, please email your enquiries to or visit us in the showroom to view a selection of their amazing designs.