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Stoney Rises: Pomoborneit Encoding by Michele Burder

Stoney Rises: Pomoborneit Encoding by Michele Burder


Michele Burder is a Melbourne artist who works between the mediums of drawing and painting. Burders delicate compositions strip back the prosaic landscaping of public parks and roadsides to reveal a lyrical beauty.

These paintings of the Otways and Colac area explore memories of landscapes; imperfect, blighted and encoded. Memory and encoding place. They say 'This place is in my DNA'. What is it to be connected to a place but be distant from it. Is the remembered place less real, not really, Idealized maybe, it's my want. Leaving and going back, finding it's not as it was - new roads, subtly changed aspects, that strange fracture/misalignment between then and now. Blanked out, mute, the forgotten scenic (lookout). 'Oh yes, that's right, I remember now',

Fringing the urban. Commodifying the place in real estate ads - selling the dream in neat parcels, the place that is now longer there, but dreamt of.

Materials: Oil on linen
Dimensions (mm): 500 x 610
Pick up from showroom or please enquire for custom art delivery quote. 

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