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Bernard-Albin Gras

Bernard-Albin Gras was an architect, designer and engineer and one of the leading lighting designers of the Twentieth Century. In Paris, 1921, Bernard-Albin developed the GRAS lamp range of lamps which encapsulated the Golden Age of design in France and defined the style of the period. Far ahead of its time the La Lampe Gras range is practical, durable and endlessly appealing. Its genius lies in its ergonomics and simplicity of mechanics – no screws or welded joints in the basic form - perfectly functionalist.  The modernity of the design and quality of use appealed to the most innovative architects and designers such as Le-Corbusier and Mies Ven de Rohe, Georges Brague and Henri Matisse.

La Lampe Gras - Le Corbusier - Open Room 
Le Corbusier with La Lampe Gras No.201