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Stine Weigelt

Stine Weigelt graduated in 2014 as an industrial designer from the Design School Kolding. Weigelt has founded her own studio working with furniture and product design, art pieces and projects with focus on social design. Weigelt Studio collaborates with Danish design companies such as Skagerak and FDB Møbler. Since 2010, Weigelt has exhibited her designs and experimental one-off objects in different design- and art exhibitions nationally and internationally.

In 2016, Weigelt became a part of FDB’s classic furniture tradition. With the chair Anker she established herself within the wooden stick chair tradition. Anker has since been incorporated into Designmuseum Danmark’s and Trapholt’s permanent collections for furniture design.
In 2017, Weigelt achieved the recognition of The Danish Arts Foundation by receiving a work grant for her artistic work, and the same year she received the Finn Juhl Award for her innovative contribution to Danish furniture design.