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FDB Møbler J81 Chair by Jørgan Bækmark



FDB Møbler's J81 Chair, designed by Jørgan Bækmark in the 1950's is a natural extension of the J80 chair.  Slightly wider and with the added armrest designed to be a natural continuation of the curved shape in the chair back. 

A classic wooden chair with rotated oak sticks and a braided seat - a natural quality and material choice that is as current today as when the chair was created in the 1950s. It's clear functionality, craftsmanship and comfort is a signature of Jørgen Bækmark's work. Suitable as a dining chair as well as a feature on its own.

FDB Møbler has been producing premium Danish furniture since 1942, created by some of the most respected Danish designers and architects. The values that FDB Møbler were founded upon continues to shape every piece of oak and beech. They are woven into the seats and upheld in each design. 

Dimensions (mm): 550 (W) x 530 (D) x 820 (H)
Materials: Painted beech, paper twine
Colour: Natural/Natural, Black/Black, Natural/Black
Outdoor use: No

The J81 Chair is a stocked item, if out of stock the lead time is up to 12-14 weeks.


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