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Nodi. Italian for knots, was founded by New Zealand textile designer Olivia Smith. The Nodi collection is a beautifully curated range of handmade woven goods with a focus on unique textures. Nodi celebrate the beautiful imperfections the hand crafted process creates. The craftsmanship, all natural fibres and considered, imperfect textures work together to create a tactile rug that transforms and adds character to a space.

Nodi rugs are lovingly made in certified Care and Fair factories in India. The combination of the skilled artisans that weave them and the focus on developing unique textures and designs result in quality pieces made to last.

The Staples collection, meaning primary, essential and vital, was created with everyday living in mind.  With a focus on the robust nature of natural fibres to create a durable rug woven to stand up to everyday life and quietly bring personality into the home.