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FDB Møbler 7-9-13 Sofa by Thomas E. Alken


FDB Møbler

FDB Møbler's 7-9-13 modular sofa was designed by Danish designer, Thomas E. Alken in 2019. An innovative and ambitious sofa, with a light structure and only 3 ground elements that can be combined in 1000 ways, it enables both classic and contemporary forms to be created. Thanks to a pioneering fitting system, the individual modules stay connected in a stable way. A cosy and comfortable sofa that allows enjoyment of both power naps and tv dinners due to its cleverly designed cushioning. The 7-9-13 sofa is a reflection of FDB's Nordic lightness and functionality with a twist. Designed to withstand both commercial and residential settings, the sofa is available in either a polyester fabric or a wool-based flax fabric.

With an array of different combinations available, the 7-9-13 sofa sticks with simple modular formats: 70 x 90 cm, 90 x 90cm and 130 x 90 cm.

 The 7-9-13 Sofa is made to order in Denmark, please enquire for lead times and pricing for your preferred layout.

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