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FDB Møbler I3 Mossø Mirror


Mot & Bergstrøm

FDB Møbler

The oak tree is an ancient symbol of Denmark and its natural environment, and it also happens to be a favourite material of the design duo Mot & Bergstrøm in creating furniture for FDB Møbler. Continuing that trend, they now offer two new mirrors with solid oak frames—one oblong and curved, the other round—guaranteed to blend in harmoniously with their predecessors. The mirrors take their name from Mossø, the largest of the lakes in the Central Jutland highlands, lakes that have served as a source of inspiration for this talented team. Available in natural or black, each in two different sizes.

40 x 40 x 2,9

60 x 60 x 2,9


Lacquered Oak, Painted Leather 

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