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Inside Utopia: Visionary Interiors and Futuristic Homes - Open Room

Inside Utopia: Visionary Interiors and Futuristic Homes



Interiors and apartments that are radical, visionary, exciting and poetic. Spaces that seem like sets from a science fiction film. Inside Utopia shows the future of living that architects and designers have envisioned. Some of the homes featured include the breathtaking Elrod House by John Lautner, the Lagerfeld Apartment near Cannes, and Palais Bulles in France. Inside Utopia delves into the rhyme and reason behind past designs that we still interact with today.The architects, the owners, and the craftsmen like Gio Ponti or Bruce Goff who work behind the scenes created amorphous interiors that invite the mind to wander. At the time they were futuristic, confident, utopian, idealistic -- we may not realise it, but they have shaped our current living concepts, and even now, they inspire us anew. Previously it has been difficult to attain access to these preserved interiors, but Inside Utopia unearths what was before unseen.

288 pages


full colour. 24.5 x 33 cm

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