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Mantis BS3 BL Table Lamp



In 1951, Bernard Schottlander designed and created the Mantis series of lamps. Movement is intrinsic to all of Schottlander’s work: an artist, an engineer and in no small measure a handyman, he devised a clever system of counterweights combined with a series of strong, and flexible metal bars.The shade also is unique of its kind. Like an acrobat suspended in mid-air, it is made from aluminium using spinning and chasing techniques that are a part of the metalworker’s inventory of skills, but to which he has brought his sculptor’s eye to create a helical movement in which the symmetrical and the asymmetrical 

Dimensions (mm):  200 (Base Width) x 840 (H)
Rotation: 360 degrees
Materials: Steel and Aluminium Shade 

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