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Vase Clear 160cm by Alvar Aalto

Vase Clear 160cm by Alvar Aalto



Alvar Aalto famously never dictated how his iconic glass vases should be used. It was his belief that the owner should decide. Perhaps it is this freedom to interpret that has helped the Alvar Aalto Collection remain both timeless and fresh. The classic Alvar Aalto savoy shape was the original design, now available in a variety of colours.

The Aalto vase is one of the most iconic glassware pieces in modern Scandinavian design. First created in 1936, it wasn’t until the following year that it gained world recognition when it was debuted by Iittala at the 1937 Paris World’s Fair. Today, it takes a team of seven skilled craftsmen working as one to create one mouth-blown Aalto vase. 

Dimensions (mm): 160 (H)
Material: Mouth blown glass 
Colour: Clear 

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