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Ethnicraft Straight Oak Dining Table



The Ethnicraft Straight Oak Dining Table is crafted from a Solid European Oak with strong lines minimal design. The corner legs allow for maximum seating space. Available in two sizes. 

Ethnicraft has a wonderful brand philosophy showing great respect to the environment and our society. Each piece is made from solid timber sourced from sustainable forests. Even the residue timber is reused and repurposed right down to the sawdust.  This focus and purpose is also reflected in the quality and beautiful design of its products. Based in the culturally diverse Belgian city of Antwerp the range offers a consistent design of geometric and functional simplicity that we love. Made from solid timber and built with robust and solid construction, the lovely grain and texture lets the timber speak for itself.

Dimensions (mm): 

1600(L) x 900(D) x 760(H) mm
1800(L) x 900 (D) x 760 (H) mm 
2000 (L) x 1000 (D) x760 (H) mm 
2200 (L) x 1060 (D) x 760 (H) mm
2500 (L) x 1060 (D) x 760 (H) mm
3000 (L) x 1060 (D) x 760 (H) mm

Materials: Solid European Oak

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