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FDB Møbler C35B Dining Table 1.6m by Poul M. Volther


FDB Møbler

The C35 FDB table series was designed by Poul M. Volther in 1957 for Danish Furniture co-operative FDB. The dining table is characterised by its functionalism combined with a modern expression – the epitome of FDB Furniture’s design philosophy. The C35 table perfectly complements the many classic chairs in the FDB J series. Today it remains as contemporary as it was 60 years ago. This timeless classic features legs sloping outward, providing optimal leg room and creating a more stable surface. The table top surfaces come in four different finishes, natural beech and oak, as well as linoleum available in white or black. The C35 series also comes in 3 different sizes suitable for seating 4, 6 or 8 people.

Dimensions (mm): 

722 x 1600 x 820


Natural Beech, Natural Oak, Linoleum

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